The Church and the Vegetarian
movement in Britain
(1809 - 2009)
by John M. Gilheany

"A fascinating contribution, which will instruct many on the subject who need instruction, such as myself."

John Austin Baker
retired Bishop of Salisbury


"Global society lurches ever closer to a series of reckoning points on a host of issues: population, climate, and widespread 'ecological debt' due to decades of overuse of resources. Never before have we faced such an urgent need for a re-examination of our view of the natural world, our values, our ethics and humanity's relationship with God and creation. In the midst of all this comes this gem of a book which delves into the nooks and crannies of, what will be for most, a totally unknown history. Vegetarianism may be associated by most with a sixties liberalism and a postmodern environmentalism, but the author shows that its roots are deep indeed and emanate from unlikely quarters. This is, most definitely, a book whose time has come."

Mark Dowd
Broadcaster and Director of Operation Noah


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